A Timelapse to Travel

Time lapses have become increasingly popular with heaps of spectacular videos coming out once in a while. One of the most popular genres of timelapse, is showcasing cities with plenty of impressive looking light shows and moving objects to shoot. In fact, if you want to get a short glimpse of about any destination from the arctic to south america.. before you set out to travel there, always a good option is to check out some timelapses to get an overall feel to the size and scope of the environment.

Thus for your enjoyment we have selected three heavenly videos from three of our favorite cities. We hope you enjoy them and that it will promote people to get into the trend!


That techno feel definitely just sits right in to what is feels like to be in the middle of all that neon bliss. Also you get a good understanding of the range in architecture around the city.




For a huge city as this, the pace and feel is not that fast. It’s simply grandiose and huge presence can be felt here!




What a sweet place. Beautiful, not too big, not too small.. Fantastic architecture and the busy roads curve around the city.



PS. With the right equipment it’s easy to make your own videos!!

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