The Brilliant Shanghai is a Must

For those traveling to China, even the once that are mostly interested in tradition.. do not dare to miss one of the greatest cities in the world.. The Chinese pride of Shanghai. This port town has seen the light of wealth starting from it’s early days sense the war.

We had the pleasure of teaming up with Show Shanghai to find out just what this city is about. To our surprise it was much more than skyscrapers and shopping malls. Shanghai is all about it’s people who are in the midst of all the commercial buzz, still very Chinese. But wherever you go in the country, you can different personalities and different kinds of people. For the Shanghanese, their mentality is very relaxed and close to the warm sea breeze.

Indeed the first thing that will change when you arrive to the city is the air. Despite the sea not being very clean and very unpopular amongst tourists, you can still get a gentle warm breeze that makes the atmosphere of a big city rather pleasing.

We loved the contrast between the tall buildings and the dirty streets which offers tourists the possibility of taking their pick among many things. Especially the restaurant life as well as other nightlife offers much variety within the well lit up streets.

If you are staying for more than a day or two, then checking out an Acrobatic Show in Shanghai is an absolute must for most visitors. There are other shows as well, but the acrobatics is probably the best entertainer in the city.

After catching a show, just head on to the nightlife or visit some traditional temples that are still left within the city. This city is to be enjoyed, but budgets are flexible for those with less or more money to spend while traveling. Just remember this one rule, don’t miss Shanghai if you are in China!

Here are a couple of interesting pictures of what kind situations you can except to encounter on your visit. As you can see the mix of scenery is vast!

Show Shanghai

Show Shanghai

Show Shanghai

Show Shanghai

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