A trip to Beijing Opera and one of it’s homes the Liyuan Theatre

The Opera Beijing or traditionally known as Peking Opera (in Chinese: 京剧) is far from the western traditional sense of the word, in fact it is sometimes refered as “oriental opera”. It is a deeply cultural Chinese artform of which name originates from where it has been formed. Therefore it is is a mix of old Chinese opera forms that came together in the melting pot of the capital city. One of the most long standing Peking Opera theaters in Beijing is the Liyuan Theatre venue in the Xicheng District of Beijing. Previously known as the Xuanwu District, it is said to be the birthplace of Peking Opera.

The history of Opera in Beijing is more than 200 years old. The longest treasable roots are of the Hui Opera, which first came to Beijing in 1790. It was performed to entertain the emperor and other high officials, soon it became implemented in local culture and also ordinary people could watch the show which evolved to what is still up to this day.

It’s influence has even been significant later in other Opera forms around China. Therefore it is undoubetly one of the most famous performing art forms in the whole of the republic.

Beijing Opera is a comprehensive spectacle that combines many different art forms into one. For example, reading, singing, performing, martial arts, dancing are all parts of the act. The performance is a well intricate balance of the feminen and the masculine, also known as Jing & Yang.

To catch one of these incredible shows, head on to 175 Yongan Road (address In Chinese: 北京市西城区永安路175号). You may also spend the night at the luxirous and classic Qianmen Jianguo Hotel (chinese name: 前门建国饭店) which hosts the Liyuan Theatre venue.

If you are not yet convinced, have a look at some of these amazing shots from the act!

Liyuan Theatre Act

Liyuan Theatre Beijing Opera

Liyuan Theatre Peking Opera

Liyuan Theatre Performance

Liyuan Theatre hosts daily shows at 7:30PM the famous Peking Opera venue. See the official website where you can reserve your seats before the show. Tickets are also available at the hotel before the show, yet there is no guarantee that any tickets are left during the high season. See more information at http://www.liyuantheatreopera.com Thank you!