About Us

Perhaps you are someone who loves traveling and is endlessly seeking for new information about the world out there. Perhaps you still haven’t had the proper opportunity to leave everything behind and travel just the way you want. Either way there is one thing common about us all. Everyone experiences the desire to go out there and experience the unknown.

But what’s interesting that this curiosity takes endless forms and shapes depending on the person. Especially with time, some travel for a year and can feel contempt to settle down somewhere for the rest of their lives. For others it can take 10 years or even a lifetime to satisfy the thirst for travel.

In my case it was the 10 year period. Many ask how is it possible that you have traveled for 10 years straight? The underlying difference between those who can and cannot, is their priorities in life. It’s common thought that one should obtain educations, apartments, loans, careers, responsibility before being able to venture the world.

I have no idea where this notion has originated, while I have endlessly roamed the world and found answers to many questions I have yet to find the answer to this one. Please let me know if you do.

While my travels are getting less, I have time to write more and so have others who have teamed up with me on our “travel ball” quest! If you wish to know about some particular destination, just let us know! I hope you enjoy our insights to destinations around the world.

Anaya & the bunch.