A Timelapse to Travel

Time lapses have become increasingly popular with heaps of spectacular videos coming out once in a while. One of the most popular genres of timelapse, is showcasing cities with plenty of impressive looking light shows and moving objects to shoot. In fact, if you want to get a short glimpse of about any destination from the arctic to south america.. before you set out to travel there, always a good option is to check out some timelapses to get an overall feel to the size and scope of the environment.

Thus for your enjoyment we have selected three heavenly videos from three of our favorite cities. We hope you enjoy them and that it will promote people to get into the trend!


That techno feel definitely just sits right in to what is feels like to be in the middle of all that neon bliss. Also you get a good understanding of the range in architecture around the city.




For a huge city as this, the pace and feel is not that fast. It’s simply grandiose and huge presence can be felt here!




What a sweet place. Beautiful, not too big, not too small.. Fantastic architecture and the busy roads curve around the city.



PS. With the right equipment it’s easy to make your own videos!!

Shows in Beijing: Red Theatre Kung Fu Show

We have reviewed quite a few night shows from Beijing but couldn’t help thinking that some event is missing… In fact I cant believe we haven’t reviewed this sooner, but here it is. The Travel Ball Directory is presenting to you the magnificent Kung Fu Show Beijing which when looking for something with action and tradition will be your best choice.

Probably everyone has seen Kung Fu artists doing some incredible stunts on a TV program or a movie. Not until one sees that stuff live, you realize what mad skills they possess. The show at the Beijing Red Theater however is much more than that, it’s a well balanced choreographic and beautiful play. There is a story, actors, dancers, lights the crowd goes wild and we have a standing ovation every single night when the performance is made.

This show needs little introduction in text form and should not only be admired in pictures & video but also visited on the spot. Please enjoy the carefully selected pictures.

Two young kung fu practisioners posting in front of a big chinese drum

Young kung fu practitioners.

The Show has some incredibly talented children as actors. These are kids who have practically started to practice Kung Fu since they could stand, this is the only way to become so good in such a fast time. They also have a bright future ahead of them as adult actors.

The theater building itself is very impressive. Surrounded by a maze of steel bars, the building comes to light with the red lights shooting out of the building.

These actors have every reason to feel proud of their job and so it is reflected on their poses. Also a traditional Kung Fu performance would not be complete without the Chinese dragon dance!

A wise old man in the story, looks after the young one in his journey into becoming a Kung Fu master. Touching story with many lessons to learn even for the viewer.

Chaoyang Theatre Has Returned From Its Winter Sleep

Worries over the future of the Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing have settled as the theatre has finally made its comeback after more than a month of absence. As the touristic season is starting to kick in Beijing, at Chaoyang they have prepared with an improved and dazzling show. We at travel ball went to have a look and found ourselves impressed and moved in the midst of the fully packedtheatre. Many old visitors are expected to come and see the show again.

The show filled with color consists of the following 8 parts.

A young woman jumps on top of a wooden trampoline that’s lifted in the sky. She makes the most amazing loops and tricks in the air, with no support or safety mechanism.

An elegant ballet scene where a girl and a boy make jumping and balancing on top of each other look unrealistically easy. The girl balances herself on top of the boys forehead, using only the tip of her foot!

A man balances himself on numerous chairs and climbs until the roof of the stage, making dangerous stunts.

The steps trick where a skillful acrobat jumps steps up and down, while upside down and using only the hand to lift him!

The comedy hat trick is a very funny and playful scene where 8 guys practically fly around the room chasing after their hats in the air.

Traditional Chinese umbrella act where women use extreme precision to balance umbrellas with their feet. Sometimes many at the same time.

The Chaoyang classic where you can see how many women can ride a single bicycle at the same time, while maintaining their smile:)

The biggest addition to the performance is the iron ball. A crazy motor cycle stunt that you must go to see to believe it.

Shows in Beijing: Legend of Jinsha

We would like to take this opportunity to present to you another acrobatic spectacle in Beijing. Less known than the Chaoyang performance but it also has had a very long run of more than 10 years in the Beijing Workers’ Club.

These experienced Chinese acrobats have had time to perfect their skills and is now the best show running. This is because sadly the Chaoyang Theatre has been closed, for “renovation”. As everyone waits for news on what’s going to happen to the future of the most famous Acrobatic show in Beijing: “The Flying Acrobatic Show”. Some doubt that Chaoyang might even have to relocate since they are located right in the middle of the business district of Beijing. Which is not a good location for older buildings as far as the city construction policy is concerned.

But this is a great time to get to know the many other great acrobatic performances in Beijing of which Legend of Jinsha is definitely up there with all the best shows. However the future of even this show is still unclear location wise. Beijing Workers’ Club is an old building surrounded by an old area with still hutongs and the original buzzling Beijing life! So why not catch a glimps of the area while your at it.

Also Chaoyang being pretty expensive this show is a more inexpensive option for an acrobatic show.

See their website at http://www.thelegendofjinsha.com

The show has a lot of female performers

Some performers are very young yet incredibly skilled

A lot of acts are with a lot of stretchy stuff

Human pyramid

Shows in Beijing: Chaoyang Theatre

A small girl already as good as any highly trained professional.

The acrobatic show in Beijing is not for those who are firm believers in the laws of physics. Swaying from chair to chair by piling them on top of each other only using the corner of the foot of the chair while hula hoops whirl in the feet is the kind of daring action one might except at the show. I will introduce to you one of the best shows that Beijing has to offer.

The theatre is HUGE and that jump is HUGE.

The style of Chinese acrobatics differ from the west in that it is very traditional and based on the honor of your own body. To this day it continues to respect the few thousand year old history of Chinese acrobatics. It all began from the times of the tang-dynasty, when performances were played out on the streets. This is why a lot of common day objects are used even up to this day. The difference from todays Acrobatics is that the stunts are trained to the ultimatum (yes, it’s too late for you to compete..:-) and are done indoors. Such as the most famous acrobatics theatre in Beijing, the Chaoyang Theatre.

Prepared to be surrounded by beauty at the show.

Common objects are tables, cups, plates, chairs and bicycles. Bicycles have become a favorite and one of the main highlights of the show in Chaoyang. The stunt involves dozens of bicycles and even greater number of women who join together for a ride of a lifetime. Not to spoil to much of the show I will let the rest be a surprise. Two shows are performed daily and throughout the year. First show at 5:15 and another one later in the evening at 7:15. One might think that such a physical strain would wear them off. Actually the second evening show which we recommend can be even better as the performers are well exercised and in tune.

The famous bicycle stunt: Oops, is that one more woman going to fit or not.

The price ranges all the way from 180 to 880 yuan. The cheapest tickets are reserved quickly, so it is recommended to book at least a day before the show. Like many theaters in China, the Chaoyang Theatre relies on a commission based deal with tour companies all around China. That’s why there are many discount ticket services available, which have significantly lower prices than the box office.

You can get discount tickets at the following websites:



Now for some more goodies.

These guys can jump through anything.

This stunt with the mouth leaves you breathless. Remember to breath with your nose!

Report from Seoul

Here is a little report from the capital of South Korea, Seoul.

Tourism and westernization has been blooming long enough here that westerners on the streets are an everyday scene and they mix in with the local crowd perfectly well. You can walk on the streets, go to shops, travel by metro without anyone staring at you. All in all people are very friendly there and mannerism is of first priority. A smile is answered with a smile, strangers are greeted with a bow and there is great humbleness in the air.

A view from a hotel window, located in the central district of Seoul. The metropolis has been packed with buildings, however the air is still fairly clean as you can see in the picture.

There are endless mazes of market streets. Filled with trinkets, food and anything between heaven and earth. Fun to go around and no one is pushing you to buy anything.

For those interested in consumer electronics and other technical devices, this place is a heaven. Koreans love technology and everyone is sure to have all the latest gadgets. It’s simply a thrilling experience to visit one of the bigger electronic store chains in the city. Recommended.

Combining technology with furniture is nothing strange here. This seated sofa looks quite comfortable.

Check out the this post on Skyscraper Forums for more amazing pics from Seoul!

Tokyo travel tips

The buzzling city street view in downtown Akihabara

A big city, I mean senseless big. Impossible to go through in a few days but a few weeks can be enough to run through the most important parts of the city. So that’s the minimum if you want to just see all the most important stuff.

The magnificent sunset over the metropolis

Some common places like Tokyo Tower and Disneyland can be skipped, especially if you don’t like very touristic places. There are many temples and parks but first and for most it’s metropolis with sights that concentrate on the city life.

A typical capsule hotel where you can easily catch a good nights sleep

Every part of the city has it’s own special features, so according to your personal likings you can choose those areas that fit you the best. Asakusa is the more traditional side of Tokyo, with temples and some older buildings. Ginza is for the high class and very commercial. Harajuku is popular for all kinds of fashion and Roppongi is definitely the center of nightlife. Shibuya contains the most famous “mad busy” crossroad and lots of record stores, clothing stores and arcades. Akihabara is a must for all the Otaku fans with its numerous electronic and anime shops. As for Shinjuku, that’s the place for the busiest railway station in the world and it’s filled with skyscrapers and nightlife.

People getting drunk on plum whine and feasting at the park

You can also make day trips outside of the borders from Tokyo. The bullet train will take you to see the Fuji-mountain in just a few hours and other places worth noting are the historical city of Kamakura, the skyscrapers of Yokohama and China Town. All are accessible by what can be seen as “local transportation”, Yokohama an hour or two while Kamakura would be two hours away.

Delicious dish of the famous Sushi

We recommend www.fuckedgaijin.com for those adventurous spirits that want to know more about Japan.