Report from Seoul

Here is a little report from the capital of South Korea, Seoul.

Tourism and westernization has been blooming long enough here that westerners on the streets are an everyday scene and they mix in with the local crowd perfectly well. You can walk on the streets, go to shops, travel by metro without anyone staring at you. All in all people are very friendly there and mannerism is of first priority. A smile is answered with a smile, strangers are greeted with a bow and there is great humbleness in the air.

A view from a hotel window, located in the central district of Seoul. The metropolis has been packed with buildings, however the air is still fairly clean as you can see in the picture.

There are endless mazes of market streets. Filled with trinkets, food and anything between heaven and earth. Fun to go around and no one is pushing you to buy anything.

For those interested in consumer electronics and other technical devices, this place is a heaven. Koreans love technology and everyone is sure to have all the latest gadgets. It’s simply a thrilling experience to visit one of the bigger electronic store chains in the city. Recommended.

Combining technology with furniture is nothing strange here. This seated sofa looks quite comfortable.

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