Chaoyang Theatre Has Returned From Its Winter Sleep

Worries over the future of the Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing have settled as the theatre has finally made its comeback after more than a month of absence. As the touristic season is starting to kick in Beijing, at Chaoyang they have prepared with an improved and dazzling show. We at travel ball went to have a look and found ourselves impressed and moved in the midst of the fully packedtheatre. Many old visitors are expected to come and see the show again.

The show filled with color consists of the following 8 parts.

A young woman jumps on top of a wooden trampoline that’s lifted in the sky. She makes the most amazing loops and tricks in the air, with no support or safety mechanism.

An elegant ballet scene where a girl and a boy make jumping and balancing on top of each other look unrealistically easy. The girl balances herself on top of the boys forehead, using only the tip of her foot!

A man balances himself on numerous chairs and climbs until the roof of the stage, making dangerous stunts.

The steps trick where a skillful acrobat jumps steps up and down, while upside down and using only the hand to lift him!

The comedy hat trick is a very funny and playful scene where 8 guys practically fly around the room chasing after their hats in the air.

Traditional Chinese umbrella act where women use extreme precision to balance umbrellas with their feet. Sometimes many at the same time.

The Chaoyang classic where you can see how many women can ride a single bicycle at the same time, while maintaining their smile:)

The biggest addition to the performance is the iron ball. A crazy motor cycle stunt that you must go to see to believe it.