Chinese New Year Celebrations Acrobatic Show Innovations!

Chinese Acrobats go Wow!

So we asked you guys where we should go for our next destination. To be honest, we had already decided where to go.. but were thinking that if any OTHER good ideas would come up.. we could put that in the later box of places to go. Sorry, it was not our intention to mislead you or anything.. we were just having fun. Since the only place we could even think of at that moment was the amazing new year in China. We headed straight to Beijing for the celebrations.. and it’s been a crazy few days with people enjoying the festivities around the clock. Yet the party has just started, as it will be a week long thing. We are in Beijing, and what we can see now different from previous years is that there are more and more people who don’t go to the countryside but choose to stay in Beijing. Of course, there has always been a big population of original Beijingers that don’t have to move to be in their birth place. So what has happened.. the trend of people from the countryside like parents and other folks, to come to Beijing and enjoy the comforts of a new year in a city. Now that is actually creating some balance between the move of people.. not just everyone wanting to leave the city. But actually some people wanting to go in as well. But it’s far from perfect and still to leave the city is pretty chaotic. That’s why we are definitely not moving anywhere from Beijing.. and will have to listen to the fire crackers for a whole week. It’s fun but, can be tiring so watch out if you are planning to come here.

Basically the deal is that you wonder around the city at night, looking at people blow things up.. you go to restaurants, drink a lot, eat a lot, chat a lot. And well.. that’s about it! If you would go to the countryside, you have more more traditional stuff going on. But in the city of Beijing, it’s all about the exiting nightlife. Which of course, is very enjoyable for tourists and other visitors because you can enjoy your time very easily. If you have the energy that is! It’s equally understandable that some choose to leave the city, or even the country for a peace of mind… but for us, it’s fun, fun, fun.

And since the nightlife is at it’s best during the week, we went to see the Chinese acrobatic show everyone is talking about. Located at the Chaoyang District of Beijing, this is the premier acrobatic theater known as Chaoyang Theater. We previously reviewed this amazing venue, but felt that it needs another visit. Well, it’s just one of those things in the city, that you want to go to everytime.. or more like have to go for us. This time, the theater atmosphere was very special, and we were absolutely loaded with a sense of exitement that we never felt before. It was probably after eating all that great food, including a special neck delicacy from a duck which we are not sure if it’s locally produced. At least we stayed away from the giant penis that was offered to us by the next door table… and in stead, ended up doing something even worse. Which is a lot of “Ganbei” drinks. Basically it kind of means “cheers”, but the actual meaning is more like “bottoms up”.. when people are in the festive mode, they come up to you and say ganbei!! If you return the word, you will have to do as they say and drink up buddy. Expect to get super drunk from hard Chinese wine.. which has a way bigger alcohol percentage than western wine. In fact, it has little to do with it since the color is clear.

Therefore we were feeling the effects of festivity pretty hard core as we entered the beautiful and old Chaoyang Theatre to see the Beijing acrobats. While not sure if everyone else was in the same “mood”, it felt like we were just one big group of football hooligans chearing for the team or in this case, acrobatic troupe. Or was it “Peking Acrobatics”, I do not exactly remember.. either way, we were up for it and decided to stand up throughout the most of the performance. And while this is starting to sound like a drunken story, it’s not just that but in fact a beautiful way to unite with the Chinese population. This acrobatic show deserves the merit of a thousand Peking ducks! We are still wondering how could they ever manage to make all those amazing feats.. I could almost imagine myself on the stage, performing for the crowd. Just imagine, how that would feel like.. to be on the top of the world. And all during the flashy Chinese new year!

Do check out the fantastic acrobatic show video on YouTube we found below if you don’t believe us. Although it will only give you a small glimpse of the big picture. Enjoy..



All we could say was, “wow”. Best of all innovation had struct the troupe, since the flow of the show had been improved tremendously. This experience made us think that 2015 is going to be alright.

Happy Chinese new year everyone,

Anaya & the bunch.