Exited About Kyoto

Kyoto View

All over Japan you can see the modern collide with tradition, but there are some places that remain somewhat unspoiled. At least in terms of general appearance when looking at the typical street view. This place is Kyoto and it’s one of the most popular turistic destinations in Japan.

It’s packed with old houses, one after another.. in fact the whole city is one big wooden museum. But there is a lot to the city than just visiting temples and shrines, the city has a big student population as well as hosts a wide variety of artists, artisans and those who think out of the box. It’s the melting pot of creativity with one contradiction however that is unique to the city.

The old people who live there have a very traditional style of living, especially in ways of thining. Appearance is important to the peope of Kyoto and many rules of conduct as well as behavior can be observed. While the young people have to obey some of these rules, the already blooming artistic culture has it’s totally new way of thinking. It wishes to create new, while respecting tradition and picking up the customs that are benefitial.. the first step is to understand them, and later on transform these ideas into benefitial concepts in modern society.

Indeed, Kyoto is an exiting place to visit and live in Japan!