Martial Arts Training in China: Chinese Kung Fu Schools

There are various martial arts styles that are taught in China and come under the broad umbrella of Kung fu or Wushu. These styles developed in China over centuries and incorporate various philosophies, legends and religious elements along with the physical training part.

Chinese Kung Fu Schools

Classification of Chinese martial arts

Chinese martial arts classification is diverse due to the diverse history of China. Geographically we can divide the styles into northern and southern styles.

The styles focusing primarily on the qi manipulation are termed internal arts, while the ones focusing more on the physical aspect are called external styles.

Chinese martial arts schools in China

Nothing can be obtained better from anywhere other than the source itself. There is apparently no comparison of Kung fu that’s practiced in China with the rest of the world. So the practitioners who’re serious about acquiring some serious skills and knowledge of martial arts can get the training from the martial arts academies inside China that welcome the foreign students and have organized and streamlined the stuff for them. Some of the academies include:

1. Northern China Si Ping City Shao Lin Marital Arts Academy

They claim to be the first martial arts academy in China to open their doors for foreign students with courses specifically designed and tailored for them and include courses for both beginners and seasoned martial artists.

The academy is located in a rural region with an address:

Che wen long
Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy
Ye He Ancient castle, Siping city, Jilin Province
P R China
Postal code:136523

2. Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy

Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy, founded in 2009, is located at footstep of Tianmeng mountain and Tianmeng National park in the Shandong province of China.

They claim to train using authentic methods of teaching Kung Fu. They train the stuents in the art of Meihua quan, which was secretly handed down in China for thousand of years. Meihua quan also includes training between and on special Meihua poles.

They provide training in various famous styles of Kung Fu including:

  • Shaolin quan
  • Wing chun
  • Sanda
  • Tai Chi
  • Xingyi quan
  • Qigong
  • Bagua zhang

The address of this academy is:

Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy
Zhangzhuang Town
Feixian, Shandong Province

3. Kunya Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Located in Kunyu district, the academy provides courses for foreign students for up to a year. The Kunya mountain Shaolin Martial arts academy teaches traditional Shaolin martial arts and their facility has been authorized by the Ministry of Education Sports Department of China too along with acknowledgement by the local government.

  • Their training includes a lot of stuff, such as:
  • Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Preying mantis
  • Sanda, kickboxing, Xingyi fist
  • Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Calligraphy, acupuncture and massage

The academy is located at:

Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy
Kunyu District

Red Theatre Kung Fu Show

These, and various other academies in China provide martial arts training and welcome foreigners. However before proceeding on training to any of these academies, make sure that they serve the desired purpose and teach what interests you, as not all academies might be teaching what you’re looking for. Also perform a thorough ground check and do your homework before choosing any academy too.

As for those who are stil new to the ways of Kung Fu, and perhaps traveling around China. A wonderful place for martial artist inspiration is at the Beijing Kung Fu Show, which shows you what it’s all about in a form of a show spectacle. While it’s not for the serious of practicioners, creating acts that are meant to look good rather than showcase the most original disciplines. Nevertheless the show at the Red Theatre venue is well worth it and high on our list of recommendations on fun things to do in Beijing. Have fun and stay safe while traveling in China. It’s a ball out there!

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  1. Out of the Kunyu Kung Fu academy and the Tianmeng Kung Fu academy which one is better to attend for a full year?

    • Don’t take my word for it — but I think a lot of people (not all) go to Kunya Mountain for the one year course. In that sense it’s better to have an environment where you study with others that have the same commitment. Good luck!

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