Shows in Beijing: Chaoyang Theatre

A small girl already as good as any highly trained professional.

The acrobatic show in Beijing is not for those who are firm believers in the laws of physics. Swaying from chair to chair by piling them on top of each other only using the corner of the foot of the chair while hula hoops whirl in the feet is the kind of daring action one might except at the show. I will introduce to you one of the best shows that Beijing has to offer.

The theatre is HUGE and that jump is HUGE.

The style of Chinese acrobatics differ from the west in that it is very traditional and based on the honor of your own body. To this day it continues to respect the few thousand year old history of Chinese acrobatics. It all began from the times of the tang-dynasty, when performances were played out on the streets. This is why a lot of common day objects are used even up to this day. The difference from todays Acrobatics is that the stunts are trained to the ultimatum (yes, it’s too late for you to compete..:-) and are done indoors. Such as the most famous acrobatics theatre in Beijing, the Chaoyang Theatre.

Prepared to be surrounded by beauty at the show.

Common objects are tables, cups, plates, chairs and bicycles. Bicycles have become a favorite and one of the main highlights of the show in Chaoyang. The stunt involves dozens of bicycles and even greater number of women who join together for a ride of a lifetime. Not to spoil to much of the show I will let the rest be a surprise. Two shows are performed daily and throughout the year. First show at 5:15 and another one later in the evening at 7:15. One might think that such a physical strain would wear them off. Actually the second evening show which we recommend can be even better as the performers are well exercised and in tune.

The famous bicycle stunt: Oops, is that one more woman going to fit or not.

The price ranges all the way from 180 to 880 yuan. The cheapest tickets are reserved quickly, so it is recommended to book at least a day before the show. Like many theaters in China, the Chaoyang Theatre relies on a commission based deal with tour companies all around China. That’s why there are many discount ticket services available, which have significantly lower prices than the box office.

You can get discount tickets at the following websites:

Now for some more goodies.

These guys can jump through anything.

This stunt with the mouth leaves you breathless. Remember to breath with your nose!