Shows in Beijing: Legend of Jinsha

We would like to take this opportunity to present to you another acrobatic spectacle in Beijing. Less known than the Chaoyang performance but it also has had a very long run of more than 10 years in the Beijing Workers’ Club.

These experienced Chinese acrobats have had time to perfect their skills and is now the best show running. This is because sadly the Chaoyang Theatre has been closed, for “renovation”. As everyone waits for news on what’s going to happen to the future of the most famous Acrobatic show in Beijing: “The Flying Acrobatic Show”. Some doubt that Chaoyang might even have to relocate since they are located right in the middle of the business district of Beijing. Which is not a good location for older buildings as far as the city construction policy is concerned.

But this is a great time to get to know the many other great acrobatic performances in Beijing of which Legend of Jinsha is definitely up there with all the best shows. However the future of even this show is still unclear location wise. Beijing Workers’ Club is an old building surrounded by an old area with still hutongs and the original buzzling Beijing life! So why not catch a glimps of the area while your at it.

Also Chaoyang being pretty expensive this show is a more inexpensive option for an acrobatic show.

See their website at

The show has a lot of female performers

Some performers are very young yet incredibly skilled

A lot of acts are with a lot of stretchy stuff

Human pyramid

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