Shows in Beijing: Red Theatre Kung Fu Show

We have reviewed quite a few night shows from Beijing but couldn’t help thinking that some event is missing… In fact I cant believe we haven’t reviewed this sooner, but here it is. The Travel Ball Directory is presenting to you the magnificent Kung Fu Show Beijing which¬†when looking for something with action and tradition will be your best choice.

Probably everyone has seen Kung Fu artists doing some incredible stunts on a TV program or a movie. Not until one sees that stuff live, you realize what mad skills they possess. The show at the Beijing Red Theater however is much more than that, it’s a well balanced choreographic and beautiful play. There is a story, actors, dancers, lights the crowd goes wild and we have a standing ovation every single night when the performance is made.

This show needs little introduction in text form and should not only be admired in pictures & video but also visited on the spot. Please enjoy the carefully selected pictures.

Two young kung fu practisioners posting in front of a big chinese drum

Young kung fu practitioners.

The Show has some incredibly talented children as actors. These are kids who have practically started to practice Kung Fu since they could stand, this is the only way to become so good in such a fast time. They also have a bright future ahead of them as adult actors.

The theater building itself is very impressive. Surrounded by a maze of steel bars, the building comes to light with the red lights shooting out of the building.

These actors have every reason to feel proud of their job and so it is reflected on their poses. Also a traditional Kung Fu performance would not be complete without the Chinese dragon dance!

A wise old man in the story, looks after the young one in his journey into becoming a Kung Fu master. Touching story with many lessons to learn even for the viewer.