Tokyo travel tips

The buzzling city street view in downtown Akihabara

A big city, I mean senseless big. Impossible to go through in a few days but a few weeks can be enough to run through the most important parts of the city. So that’s the minimum if you want to just see all the most important stuff.

The magnificent sunset over the metropolis

Some common places like Tokyo Tower and Disneyland can be skipped, especially if you don’t like very touristic places. There are many temples and parks but first and for most it’s metropolis with sights that concentrate on the city life.

A typical capsule hotel where you can easily catch a good nights sleep

Every part of the city has it’s own special features, so according to your personal likings you can choose those areas that fit you the best. Asakusa is the more traditional side of Tokyo, with temples and some older buildings. Ginza is for the high class and very commercial. Harajuku is popular for all kinds of fashion and Roppongi is definitely the center of nightlife. Shibuya contains the most famous “mad busy” crossroad and lots of record stores, clothing stores and arcades. Akihabara is a must for all the Otaku fans with its numerous electronic and anime shops. As for Shinjuku, that’s the place for the busiest railway station in the world and it’s filled with skyscrapers and nightlife.

People getting drunk on plum whine and feasting at the park

You can also make day trips outside of the borders from Tokyo. The bullet train will take you to see the Fuji-mountain in just a few hours and other places worth noting are the historical city of Kamakura, the skyscrapers of Yokohama and China Town. All are accessible by what can be seen as “local transportation”, Yokohama an hour or two while Kamakura would be two hours away.

Delicious dish of the famous Sushi

We recommend for those adventurous spirits that want to know more about Japan.