Where do you want us to go!?

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It’s been some years that we have been running the travel blog. While we haven’t been as active as we would have wanted or intended to.. still we have had the opportunity to share important destinations with you all. It’s really been a pleasure and we will continue to produce quality content for you guys. Be it that you are interested in travel and just starting out or a professional backpacker doesn’t matter really. Our content is intended to be a pleasure for everyone, and especially us because we so enjoy writing it. In fact, because you guys have been so great and stayed on board with us.. we wanted you to tell us what destination you would like us to cover. The limitation being that it’s somewhere in China, South Korea or Japan. If we get an idea that inspires us, we will do it and report back to you with a blog post. Sounds great? Great!

So forget your pens and papers.. just use the comment form below and you could be in for a treat. We have been lying on our asses for enough time now so it’s about time we hop on an airplane and do something about it. Now that the Chinese new year is kicking in, we are feeling the power of the new winds and the moon. It’s the time of the year again, to travel, explore and best of all learn something about ourselves on the way. Oh! And almost forgot, produce amazing blog posts of course.

Also if there is any kind of feedback you would like to leave us, concerning the travel ball directory.. please do. We are all ears, eyes and brains for your suggestions. You never know what ideas we might get for the website. Just like backpacking, you just gotta keep moving on. Life is not some fixed thing, we must adapt change and enjoy every second of it. Tells about it in the comments, please!

Thanks. Yours sincerely,
Travel Ball Staff.

5 thoughts on “Where do you want us to go!?

  1. I don’t know if I have the answer to your question guys. Anywhere you go is awesome and interesting. So just keep it up, thanks! Your fan, Patricia.

    PS. Wish I could travel some day by myself too 😛

  2. I was going to say Japan. But realizing that it’s Chinese new year.. well obviously you should go to Beijing, Shanghai or some other big city in China.

    Good luck,

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